Joe Rogan Experience #1470 - Elon Musk

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Elon Musk is a business magnet, entrepreneur and engineer.
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Glenn Wierzba
Glenn Wierzba - 6 timer siden
always great having Elon Musk on the show. Thanks. I will watch every one he is on for sure.
Iron Blimp
Iron Blimp - 7 timer siden
Y does elon keep buffering? Crank that 5g crap up dude
Kalen1457 - 7 timer siden
He's the same species as Zuckerberg.
Litty Like Ah Titty Videos
Litty Like Ah Titty Videos - 7 timer siden
Joe I posted the behind the scenes clips to my channel I know he’s going to se this ELON MUSK BACK STAGE JOES PODCAST
Daniel Ramirez
Daniel Ramirez - 7 timer siden
This all sounds like a load of bull. I’ll believe it until I see it
Sevar S
Sevar S - 7 timer siden
36:57. Joe Rogan trying to figure out if Elon is lying about not having a chip in his brain
Entruh - 7 timer siden
so im assuming you just call his son ash then
AsapShocky - 7 timer siden
Cigs aren't contagious
Dylan Thurecht
Dylan Thurecht - 7 timer siden
You all keep saying shit like "omg the neurolink part so scary" CARE TO DROP A TIME STAMP FOR A BRO? this bitch is two HOURS long
Jonathan Vega
Jonathan Vega - 7 timer siden
If @elonmusk lists all his homes for sale with me, I’ll donate my entire commission to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund #WHO
Greg Semchuk
Greg Semchuk - 7 timer siden
A bump for Josh Fugate
Bryan Negrete
Bryan Negrete - 8 timer siden
Elon: Sarcasm is difficult
Joe: Yeah
Elon: *sarcastic laugh haha*
Wes Smith
Wes Smith - 8 timer siden
@1:14:00 you just listen to joe rogan, that’s the source🤙🏼🥛🍪🤠
Wes Smith
Wes Smith - 8 timer siden
@1:14:00 you just listen to joe rogan, that’s the source🤙🏼🥛🍪🤠
The Kerbalist
The Kerbalist - 8 timer siden
I define Elon musk as probably the most amazing human being to ever live
Damions LiftedLife
Damions LiftedLife - 8 timer siden
How tf did i miss this this kids gonna take like 2 or 3 years to write his name proper hes gotta learn the greek alphabet (or wherever æ is from)and to count before he can even write his own name
Aaron Byrne
Aaron Byrne - 8 timer siden
It's like Elon just decided to have a baby with his wife just to study the baby 👍🤣🤣
Cameron Maynard
Cameron Maynard - 8 timer siden
Man i love the idea of the neurochip, but my question is how safe would it be from hackers because correct me if im wrong, technically you should be able to hack into someones brain through the chip and start to use mind control on them.... and second thing im also interested in is if we advanced the chip to a state where we could potentially unlock 100% of our brain power? As iv heard humans can only use about 10% atm??? But i agree with mr rogan its an amazing exciting thing but its also scary asf 😂
Trixie McFly
Trixie McFly - 8 timer siden
Yeah, that was a lovely explanation on the spelling of the child's name, but what does he call his kid? Like how do you pronounce the name?
Klumsy Kameleon
Klumsy Kameleon - 8 timer siden
We're just lucky Elon Musk isn't just another regular billionaire who only spends their money on property and vehicles and meaningless investments. He's one of the few building a future. Bill Gates, another billionaire, helping fix the problems of today by donating the most anyone's ever donated to different causes. Jeff Bezos... he's done a little here and there - but he could be doing a lot more with his money considering he is the richest and is set to only increase his lead. He's powerful, has connections, resources - he can do what Elon Musk does and Bill Gates and more. But he doesn't. That's his choice, and unfortunately for us regular people - we won't leave much of an impact on the world at all.
Iverao - 9 timer siden
Ezra Abie
Ezra Abie - 9 timer siden
Good Luck Man! Hope you the best @Josh Fugate
MTRT MUSIC TO RUN TO - 9 timer siden
Best thing I ever did was a 10 week Thai boxing camp no material possessions on the top of a mountain lights out at 8pm it took 2 weeks to realise material possession are a weight and a distraction to your greater purpose 👍 also getting kicked in the face daily is a good leveller
Mark Steele
Mark Steele - 9 timer siden
Best of Luck Josh! I hope your situation changes for the better brother my prayers are with you
Hans Imglück
Hans Imglück - 9 timer siden
If you don't like possession give me 1 million $
H Y W L - 9 timer siden
lol, this bionic interface you're talking about would render all podcasts obsolete. the entire 2 hour episode would and all the information that would be retained from it, would only take like 5 mins... i think that's Elons whole point, lol, he's always wasting his time trying to explain things in a simple slow language.
Christopher Trevisan
Christopher Trevisan - 9 timer siden
My a.i extension of myself would be boring. I only use the internet for pornhub and to check the weather
Christopher Trevisan
Christopher Trevisan - 9 timer siden
I think elon is planning on living forever
Bush Slice
Bush Slice - 10 timer siden
I think joes needs to wash his hands
Jesus San
Jesus San - 10 timer siden
Even I have no idea where this guy came from
Basegod - 10 timer siden
Ik Elon musk has so much to say he stutters but he looks like he’s trying to lie his way out of joes SMART ass questions
T M - 10 timer siden
Does anyone understand what hes actual saying. Like between the lines. His new son X 🔥🚀. Burn it and move on.that he has to wait 5 years for him to speak and he been monitoring his brain activity. That all I'm saying
johnny mnemonic vibes, haha
Megan Needham
Megan Needham - 10 timer siden
Joe Rogan laughing his ass off at the name. Beautiful.
Sfiso Ntombela
Sfiso Ntombela - 10 timer siden
13 million views
Jordy V.
Jordy V. - 10 timer siden
My GOD! Do I wish I could afford a Roadster!
Pascual _73
Pascual _73 - 10 timer siden
I agree with Elon on weather we should be allowed outside or not. If you don’t want to take the risk than don’t if you do then go ahead. If you have no other choice but to take it than be safe about it but you can’t just mandate a bunch of people because of a choice you made.
Maria - 10 timer siden
He’s already talking with out using to many words
Ian Claudio Tinga
Ian Claudio Tinga - 10 timer siden
Joe struggling to interview
Elon takes a sip: C i v i l i z a t i o n
Maga 1776
Maga 1776 - 10 timer siden
No talking, ai brain chips reading minds? Sounds like a horrific future.
T - 10 timer siden
upload your most important videos to also
Youtube (plus FB, Vimeo, google Drive, Dropbox, twitter) has been censoring so many videos including "Fall Cabal", "Out of Shadows Official" and London Real's interview with David Icke (#2 interview)
Ivan Porrua
Ivan Porrua - 10 timer siden
Its amazing how everything he is saying feels like taken out of the world of Ghost in the shell
Rob Hodges
Rob Hodges - 10 timer siden
Oh...... and party on the war time stimulus lol.
The economy will rebound in the way only world wars can lol.
Our spaceship/earth definitely had a chance to heal during this time of Covid/cool planet cool spaceship!!!!
Our super computer's algorithm had immense input with all the at home googling/:' win win for A.I. and or Gates!!!!!
jolsssi - 11 timer siden
"How do you say the name?"
*Awkward breath laughter*
Pastry Bear
Pastry Bear - 11 timer siden
Along with this there is the research going into gene therapy to rebuild neural connections. Also the potential development of nanobots being able to internally repair tissue.
I have epilepsy, for which I had brain surgery. I have also had a spinal injury (multiple herniated discs). If this could work, it could potentially fix both problems.
Stem Factory
Stem Factory - 11 timer siden
I would tell Elon musk that he created a product like ketchup something everyone can use and that is PayPal and then one day I received a letter from Jesus Christ talking about putting others first and so when you create a product that everyone can use you’re putting everyone first and therefore you have success.
TheSlideshowtube - 11 timer siden
The world BILLIONAIRE became a pejorative because of what billionaires have done to our government and the structure of our economy. Being a billionaire doesn't make you evil, but billionaires have a solid track record of doing evil things with their wealth that harm a lot of innocent people.
Jen B
Jen B - 11 timer siden
Watching him speak, I definitely get his motivation to find a way to concisely transfer a complete thought. It couldn’t work with 100% accuracy, however, unless you launched an immeasurable data transfer of your entire life experience or else you’d have no way of having the identical frame of reference in order to approximate a specific shared conclusion. It still wouldn’t be 100% accurate without stripping both people of their basic humanity. Might as well just bypass the 2nd layer of the brain and completely give over to the 1st layer/primal brain that keeps the body alive and the third layer AI brain that processes information; essentially being an organic machine.
I know three literal geniuses... who are in all other ways completely normal people... and it’s almost painful sometimes listening to them in conversation. Seeing the moment they have the encapsulated response ready but also seeing the next moment in which they remember that they can’t express it with complete accuracy. It’s hard to watch and is sympathetically frustrating as an observer.
I really feel for people like that and I think having a way to transfer that thought picture would be incredibly liberating for people like Elon.
Technology in every area of human interest would advance exponentially, potentially making everyone’s lives more interesting.
You know... the more you understand something interesting to you, the more you want to learn and understand, and the more quickly you want to understand in order to go to the next level in grasping the beautiful complexity of that area of interest.
That would inevitably lead to seeing how that area of interest is blatantly connected to other areas of human experience and ways would quickly be found to bridge gaps and make leaps forward simultaneously in different areas being developed or improved upon.
I personally would get the implant in a heartbeat *IF* there was an on/off switch.
I would prefer to maintain my basic humanity but have the immediate resource to efficiently and effectively... do brainiac stuff. Then switch it off and get back to binging Black Mirror. 🤔
Amy - 11 timer siden
So funny listening to the mil/billionaires talk about America’s problems.
Alan Arguelles
Alan Arguelles - 7 timer siden
And most of those problems they don't even deal with anymore because they are exceptionally wealthy and have been out of the way of any of those problems due to their financial status.
what itdo
what itdo - 12 timer siden
Uncommon opinion here. Elon Musk is absolutely retarded
flavtro - 12 timer siden
@powerfulJRE does the blood type diet work?
Marty Ballew
Marty Ballew - 12 timer siden
Elon..."I'm trying to live simply and get rid of most of my stuff, because we don't need all this stuff" hour later..."If we don't make stuff, there will be no stuff...we need stuff..." I admire and respect you Elon, but sometimes I wonder about your abstract mind and the echo chamber inside of it...
Ralph - 10 timer siden
The first stuff he's referring to are his multiple houses, cars, etc. The second stuff ("we need stuff") is food, etc... What are you even saying rn...
Yard Mama
Yard Mama - 12 timer siden
I’m going to hear the word SYMBIOTIC in my head all day.
Claudian Reyn
Claudian Reyn - 13 timer siden
Pretty selfish to chose for the child a name that satisfies your own ego and not one that's good for the child!
Vamsi Krishna
Vamsi Krishna - 13 timer siden
True that.. AI in Symbiosis is Scary!
Buttery chef
Buttery chef - 13 timer siden
Elon deff looks like the nice guy in the movie who makes an AI and then it goes rouge
gratzy1989 - 13 timer siden
Could Elon Musk controll people thru Neuralink and wifi satellites? Just to make them obey the rules, pay taxes and stop killing, raping, pedofiling, and all that shit?
Ryan Campbell
Ryan Campbell - 13 timer siden
Elons thoughts through this whole interview, "Please don't pull out the weed, please don't pull out the weed"
Briah McCarthy
Briah McCarthy - 13 timer siden
I experienced communicating through thoughts, concepts and symbols when I took Ayahuasca so I understand exactly what Elon is chatting about
247Metal - 14 timer siden
If you put it at 1.25 speed they talk like "normal" people
Vamsi Krishna
Vamsi Krishna - 14 timer siden
25:50-26:30 is the best!
Joe (In spine chilling tone) : Symbiosis is a scary word when it comes to AI..
Elon: It's optional 😂
P.S. Also, Symbiosis is the clg where I am graduating from & I know the context was different but I could relate a lot with that one too 🤣😆( and that laughter aside🤪)
AI in Symbiosis is definitely scary thou..
Vamsi Krishna
Vamsi Krishna - 14 timer siden
keelsmac01 - 14 timer siden
Your fav source of news is NYT? They lie constantly. They've changed 1 headline three times in a day to suit the democrats talking points. LA times? Covered for the most corrupt governor in CAs history...brown.
What a joke.
AnimationLA - 14 timer siden
Bros, the Dinosaurs were protecting life on Earth from alien invasion until the Shrews (us) could evolve into a HiveBrainController ... so the Aliens caught wind of it and hit us with a Comet, killing our protector/consumers
AnimationLA - 14 timer siden
Dude, I’m listening to Musk... that attitude could cause something like Dallas’ Mockingbird Station to be successful in California in public transit locations
AnimationLA - 14 timer siden
God lectures Job
Adam Parker
Adam Parker - 14 timer siden
I’m a big fan of joe rogan but there where some real dumb questions in there among some good ones.
keelsmac01 - 14 timer siden
Am no longer able to respond to Josh's post...hope he gets a chance! God bless you Josh! Fight, fight, fight and never give up!
Fian Halim
Fian Halim - 15 timer siden
How tf is Elon so bulky? What does this dude eat in a day????
Matt G
Matt G - 15 timer siden
Grimes is a fucking psycho bitch
Matt P
Matt P - 15 timer siden
I want this implant, so I can stop having derealization. And get better recall
Matt P
Matt P - 15 timer siden
I was gonna like this but I don't want it in my liked videos. Would be great if u can like a video and it doesn't go into a like list. I do like it though. Joe Rogan needs to get The Undertaker on soon now he's doing interviews.
Eric Samuelson
Eric Samuelson - 15 timer siden
World in financial crisis doesn't stop Joe from landing biggest deal in online streaming history with Spotify. People are struggling to pay bills and eat and your even more ultra rich. Congrats
MikoBambino - 16 timer siden
Just because someone makes a good lawyer doesn’t mean that they could make a good engineer, Musk. I cheated like a motherfucker to pass calc (core req), despite trying so hard to understand the material. My dad on the other hand is a fucking aeronautical engineer and loves math, but I’m certain that he ould make a horrible attorney. Intelligence isn’t a monolithic concept
Archipegalo - 16 timer siden
jo rogen
kolim jone
kolim jone - 15 timer siden
I feel that elon musk already has the Neuro link
Mike - 16 timer siden
Ah, íˋll save myself for later....
kolim jone
kolim jone - 15 timer siden
He tweaking
zi paris
zi paris - 16 timer siden
Going on Joe Rogan... What T-shirt will I wear? .... This one!
Thomas Stalder
Thomas Stalder - 16 timer siden
Maybe AI is eventually the next and ultimate step of evolution of humanity where the human organism is no longer needed (as not efficient in many ways, not even as slaves) and - therefore - eliminated. - Humanity evolving into AI "entities"...
KHURSHEED SHAIKH - 16 timer siden
I, Pet Goat II
Ricardo8388 - 16 timer siden
You are allowed to risk your life if you want it.. yes.. but can hospital workers say fuck you and die when they are tired. I mean if you sign something that says Its my choice to go out and maybe get sick.. and I get sick.. I refuse treatment.. yes go ahead.
Basia G.
Basia G. - 16 timer siden
jesus he's crazily hot, my god myyyyy myyy myyyy ooooohhh xd uuu
Non Applicable
Non Applicable - 17 timer siden
Watch "WTF? Olympic Opening Ceremony 2012 NHS" on YouTube