Joe Rogan Experience #1512 - Ben Shapiro

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Ben Shapiro is editor-in-chief of the Daily Wire, syndicated columnist, and host of “The Ben Shapiro Show” is available on SoundCloud and iTunes. His new book How to Destroy America in Three Easy Steps is available now everywhere. @Ben Shapiro
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Bonzai Badger
Bonzai Badger - 16 minutter siden
BLM is a Marxist terrorist group just like ANTIFA. The BLM leader is a former convict who served time for attempting to use explosives to take lives and their leaders admitted they are trained in Marxism and all but 3% of their donations go straight to the democratic party. ALL LIVES MATTER. Yes the police who killed George Floyd should be punished, but do not celebrate George Floyd the person who was a known murderous gang member who once threatened a pregnant woman with a gun to her stomach even.
Jess Webb
Jess Webb - 35 minutter siden
A Jew that is a conservative is almost a contridiction in terms
Chris Rhodes
Chris Rhodes - 38 minutter siden
It’s called a scissor lift dumb ass
Joules Evergreen
Joules Evergreen - Time siden
What are trying to tell us Jamie? What is it boy? Go ahead and pull it up.
darkmaitri - Time siden
Yep. Ben is officially hot! I love how he is dressed. It's got that gothy feel to it. Yep. One lucky Mrs. Shapiro.
Jack Smith
Jack Smith - Time siden
Nanashi - Time siden
What’s with the dislikes? Great podcast
Exile Surfer
Exile Surfer - Time siden
You stand for the American flag in rebellion of kneeling to Britain's flag. To kneel is to submit to. To stand for is respect to the ideology of freedom.
Exile Surfer
Exile Surfer - Time siden
So yes, to kneel is actually a signification of being submissive to. In short, the idiot took a knee and bowed to the symbology of the system he was attempting to protest 😂😂😂
SaintClutch - Time siden
False! My Pinterest board has 8,000 pictures of cars there are maybe pins 10 featuring women😂 #carguyproblems Pinterest Board: Wicked Whips
laogon09 - Time siden
The point that cops are a relatively small threat to black lives in the US is similar to those saying that Covid is similar to the flu. If you are only looking at deaths and nothing else from context or other consequences your view is bound to be skewed.
You have impoverished people that get fines they could never pay. Black people get sent to jail much more as well. Police aren't just a bunch of murderers, of course and a lot of people exaggerate the police threat, but it's just not true that police isn't more of a problem to impoverished black American communities
laogon09 - Time siden
I don't know if it's different in the US but most unions here in Canada are there to protect the public, not its members (Enginner's union, nurse's union, doctor's union, police union, etc.)
Be Still
Be Still - Time siden
Wake up Joe! Porn is largely provided by the human trafficking industry.
Michael Ford
Michael Ford - Time siden
Jack McCauley
Jack McCauley - 2 timer siden
I lost interest at the point Ben stated that he didn't know how to use a BBQ. How the fuck can you not know how to BBQ?!
Carpenter - 2 timer siden
when Ben says there are the same number of poor black people as before anti poverty programs he is playing a game. Yes perhaps the absolute number of black poor is the same but the RATE of poverty has fallen. i think he knows this and just cherry picks the stats which conform to his worldview
Be Still
Be Still - 2 timer siden
Great interview but it drives me nuts when people take a futile attitude toward solutions. Joe takes a futile attitude toward being able to teach children in crime ridden areas to not shoot each other while knowing it would help. 🤔. Dropping the futile attitude would go a long way toward making it happen.
Apocalypse3434 - 2 timer siden
I'm not going to call Ben an idiot for disagreeing with me, because he's clearly not, but to say we need to overwhelm Baltimore with cops completely disregards what is wrong with Baltimore. The DOJ investigation of the BPD, the Gun Trace Task Force, and the low crime resolution rates state one of the biggest problems with Baltimore is the police.
Not to mention, Bill Clinton (with Joe Biden's help) overwhelmed America with cops in the 90s and the result was mass incarceration and all the negative results that came with it. Doing more of the same isn't a solution.
Paradisio - 2 timer siden
Gotta love Ben making a fool of himself
Travis Morris
Travis Morris - 3 timer siden
China is a nefarious actor ? Duh. What is his opinion on all of our needless wars for Israel , killing millions of people ? that nefarious ??? How about a response little ben
J RJM - 3 timer siden
Who else watch this video after watching the parity?
markperroni69 - 3 timer siden
He's a new man......... Joe corrupted him!!!
Sven Nielsen
Sven Nielsen - 3 timer siden
Dems do not care about people, if they die because of a virus or someone being killed. Dems and their terror groups - antifa and BLM - only cares about having the power in the streets ("die strasse frei") with brown shirt terror in the streets, writing hateful texts (replace "Black Lives Matter" with "jude" and it is one to one with Nazi-Germany in the 1930-ies), tearing down statues (in Germany they burned books but never mind), attacks on political opponents and so on.
Hopefully the Dems have overplayed their hand so badly this summer that they will all be voted out in november. They deserve no better.
Dustin Banks
Dustin Banks - 3 timer siden
Joe, I love you man. But you have to fix the padding on your headphones. Crap is driving me nuts watching, can't stop looking at it.
Tienke Bosher Pelzmann
Tienke Bosher Pelzmann - 4 timer siden
Before killing the animal it must be calm and to do that it must be layed down with feet bound. Then you may slit the throat with a very sharp knife. It must be over before the animal knows it. You do not want the fight or flight hormone adrenaline to become part of your diet. The blood must also run into the ground to complete the life cycle of the animal. You have to understand that adrenochrome is a drug available on the market to promote an altered state of mind - you must watch the movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas with Johny Depp. Apparently the more pain the victim suffers, the more potent the drug. Does that then also mean the more adrenaline in the meat you eat... the more aggressive you become? - think about it. Knowing this also gives the act of abortion a whole new meaning. I am so sorry you feel the need to use the name of Jesus Christ in the way you do. You might want to rethink that ☺
Fishinmansam - 5 timer siden
How did this guy grow up n not know how to use a grill🤔🐟
John Holey
John Holey - 5 timer siden
When Jamie brought up how Kap started kneeling instead of sitting, he actually was asked to kneel by a combat veteran out of respect instead of sitting. The more you know...
Weap - 5 timer siden
Ben talks in Joes speed when switching to 0.75 speed
Vape Naysh Represent
Vape Naysh Represent - 5 timer siden
Who else kept staring at the lights reflecting off Joe’s shiny ass scalp
Bulletproof Recon
Bulletproof Recon - 5 timer siden
The cops were being prosecuted for MURDER AFTER the George Floyd deal and politicians were defunding the police wtf would they do anything???
Nikko - 5 timer siden
Taking a knee is an royalty thing, you do it because earned the right to show to gain a blessing. Like when a king or queen knights you, you take a knee to achieve the award you have worked and earned. Or if you get have a talk with a royalty or even getting to hear them, you knee down for their blessing on your shoulder that they themselves have given you the right to do.
Kneeing to a flag should never ever be done, because it's selfish and basically saying, hey give me stuff that I don't deserve.
kaltblut - 6 timer siden
why's ben Shapiro on fast forward tho?
JVSH TAYLVR - 6 timer siden
While I do not agree with many of Ben’s views on gay marriage, religion, etc, his beliefs on police reform and fixing socio-economic issues within marginalized communities are very solid!
John Moloko
John Moloko - 6 timer siden
great conversation, but I don't think Joe is really hearing Ben. At the 56:00 mark, Joe speaks of the good times people have had casually rolling in bed with one another, but he neglects to mention the untold misery resulting from broken relationships, fatherless children of divorce, spread of diseases and abortion regret. Bottom line, society would be healthier and happier if sex were exclusively between adults in committed (married) relationships.
Eldridge Hampton
Eldridge Hampton - 6 timer siden
Ben doesn’t have a clue....
mijk brak
mijk brak - 6 timer siden
People who grow up in empovorished homes don’t learn how to spend money in a responsible way a lot of the time, so they have to learn it in school which currently they dont
Mariah G
Mariah G - 6 timer siden
So an 18 year old joining a gang is because his ancestors were potentially slaves HUNDREDS of years ago? I don’t truly understand this argument. Why is it that other races with traumatic historíes have been able to break the cycle by one generation? Genuine question.
John Smith
John Smith - 7 timer siden
Most of the anger in the country is in Large cities, covid-19 and other factors accentuate this anger, police get a lot of mis-placed anger and are an easy target/outlet for folks who can't understand these complicated public matters, plus humans are NOT the kind of species that naturally exist in very large packs. Cavemen & cavewomen grouped in small groups for very good reasons, large cities go against those established ( 1 million years ? vs the last 1000 years ) norms.
Nick Pyrros
Nick Pyrros - 7 timer siden
Another great podcast and exchange. It would be great to see and hear more smart, logical, insightful people like Joe and Ben in politics. There are a few but not many.
Dan Gordon
Dan Gordon - 7 timer siden
i hate how joes headset isnt on properly
Mafisto Waltz
Mafisto Waltz - 8 timer siden
this kid is Awesome
mike h
mike h - 8 timer siden
This guy is such a jerk off..why even allow him on your show?
Jashin - 9 timer siden
1:08:30 true omegalul
Joe P
Joe P - 10 timer siden
This conversation is what free speech is all about.
R o n i N
R o n i N - 10 timer siden
great to hear intelligent. respectful discourse btwn left and right. Love how neither Joe or Ben hog the airwaves to drown out the other side... specifically @28:00 - 1:00 /race and marriage, normally a 3rd rail conversation if you disagree.
Oddball 2012
Oddball 2012 - 10 timer siden
Lets all come together with Joe Rogan, the millionaire who spends half the day eating in nice restaurants, doing yoga, smoking weed and chilling out in hot tubs. We're all in this together bro.
Steve Syed
Steve Syed - 10 timer siden
Ben needs some wet ass p-word, but that voice makes it dry.
brendan hughes
brendan hughes - 10 timer siden
Shapiro should be a senator
architekts - 11 timer siden
I just want to thank Joe for really pressing Ben on the issue of racial history in America. For an intelligent man like Ben who in a lot of cases appears to be a critical thinker, this shows that you can still have simplistic views/blind spots about topics that are complicated/ nuanced and require more analysis.
HisXpanic - 12 timer siden
I thought Ben Shapiro was one of the NELK boys lol
CHIGGA - 12 timer siden
LA been safe ?
Bob Lil
Bob Lil - 12 timer siden
Only the fastest speaking jews get acknowledged. He is a product of his environment.
* Boolranch
* Boolranch - 13 timer siden
When is joe Rogan gonna run for president doe
J M - 14 timer siden
Bring on Doug Demuro
Samantha Nastasi
Samantha Nastasi - 14 timer siden
Why does he talk like that
Kayla Jude
Kayla Jude - 14 timer siden
Never heard Ben curse before until this LOL
Made You Look
Made You Look - 10 timer siden
He curses occasionally on his podcast
K.T. Nowak
K.T. Nowak - 15 timer siden
I'm glad , that REAL EDUCATED PEOPLE LIKE BEN explains politics and another thngs to Joe , cause about that JOE IS A FU*KING DUMMY WITH GOOD HEART
karebeyr - 15 timer siden
I'm a Karen. I have ultimate power to summon any manager of anytime anywhere. I am now all powerful. MWAHAHAHA!!!!!
I think the name thing is hilarious, and the apology was so sweet! Thank you!
markperroni69 - 15 timer siden
So far...... I'll keep watching......
Goldenwolfteeth - 15 timer siden
Take a breath guys.
My bathwater went cold ages ago!!
Rubber Duck
Rubber Duck - 15 timer siden
Ben Shapiro is the Eminem of debates, he talks fast and says nothing